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The mission of St. Catharine School is to foster the spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, creative, and physical strengths of its students. The administration, faculty, and staff model Christian behavior to foster spiritual growth, striving to transmit the truth that Religion is not just a subject, but rather a way of life.

Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge, and Service

As the National Catholic Education Association asserts: “These are integral components of a Catholic education and the measure by which any Catholic school can be judged.” Approximately 20 years ago, Saint Catharine School adopted Faith, Knowledge, and Service as a school motto. These words encapsulated and clarified our identity, inspiration, and destiny.

The concepts of Faith, Knowledge, and Service are integral to the Catholic culture of Saint Catharine’s school on a daily basis through prayer, study, and our actions within a communal dimension of kindness and acceptance and in the paradigm of teaching and learning within this Catholic institution. Further, since its institution in 1931 with 45 students in the basement of Saint Margaret’s Church, this school was rooted in a long history of academic excellence in the Catholic tradition. Within this same framework today, 388 students prevail in a technology-rich environment to better scaffold instruction and to sustain excellence through a dedication to spirituality, research, hands-on learning, and service.

Within the pursuit of educational goals and objectives, students learn to embrace knowledge and seek to share their enthusiasm with others by fostering an awareness of care and concern. Through acceptance and awakening, self-efficacy and leadership traits evolve as teachers enrich their instructional lessons with the Gospel message whenever possible.

As such, teachers, students, and parents of Saint Catharine’s school endeavor to communicate what we uphold as sacred by virtue of our identity. With a history that reaches back 84 years, we hope our school’s mission is realized each day in what we do as we make an impact on the world both near and far.

Thank you for your interest in Saint Catharine School, the school by the sea.